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Felix. I read your blog. It sucks.

Why don't you try going to Carlos' tour first before hating on Manila, eh?


A friend and her sisters absolutely fell in love with Carlos when they came to visit 2 years ago, and a new appreciation for Intramuros and its vicinity.

I like the third pic.:)


Toujours d'aussi belles photos et reportages sur l'âme des Philippines, Sidney !
I'm still in wild Samal island, in my nippa hut, happy diving day and night... On more month to go !
Hot summer and no water, lack of power, but everything wonderfull !


I'm sorry Sidney, but no matter how entertaining the tour guide is Manila is still Manila, its worst features jarring the senses like a bucket of ice in the middle of a midnight summer's dream. No one could ever convince me that there are hidden gems in Manila, not even this guy.


Tip top la première photo de la série !
Bon we Sidney :-)

don g ho

definitely one of the country's best guide.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

I admire his zest and passion.

Patricia & Amber

Nice, great weekend


ang Makati at Quiapo ay dadalawa lang sa maraming mukha ng bansang Pilipinas. nakita ko na yang Carlos na yan dati habang naglalakad ako sa Intramuros, sikat pala siya hehe

evelyne dubos

J'aime beaucoup l'avant dernière... un charmant (presque) tête à tête...


Bravo à l'artiste de la rue .Il a un sacré succès !!! La photo de "famille" au pied de l'église est superbe


Love the shot with the girls back


His audience is really captivated by what he's telling. Great capture of this rare moments when a guide "meets" its public.


brilliant clarity of the people in these night shots ;) great !


I like the third picture the best.

The Nomadic Pinoy

Wow, that's really a crowd . . . more than a busload of 'tourists' to herd around. But I don't mind if it's Carlos Celdran is the guide.


Belle images. On a l'impression d'y être!


a very nice show, nice light and framed


Il mouille sa chemise le Carlos !


Il sait passionner ses admirateurs. Bonne journée

fortuitous faery

and that's exactly why i LOVE quiapo!

mr. celdran's shoes are the bomb!


La suite de ce portrait dans le beau cadre d'"Intramuros", je crois reconnaitre l'église Saint Augustin ?

dodong flores

Nice set of photos. So, Carlos Celdran has lots of quotable quotes :)
I wanted to join his walking tour one day. I only able to join Ivan Man Dy's walking tour sometime in 2006.


all in all very nice quotes, but i do like that last quote of his.. :)


A nice set of images showing this performer. Nice work.

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